Bromma Företagsgrupp is an association for all businesses in Bromma, Ulvsunda, Mariehäll and Johannesfred. 

What do we do?
We work in the interest of the businesses to create the best possibilities for the companies. It is important to be involved in the planning process of Stockholm. We work together with the different departments managing our town. Information to our members is a key factor. Information is distributed via mail or on special information meetings. Infrastructure and building plans are often discussed on these meetings.

Bromma Företagsgrupp is very well situated with an airport very close to the industrial area with connections to the whole of Sweden and also to Europe.

You are very welcome to contact us 
Phone +46 70 577 7019


Dialogmöte med Stockholms stad
lördag, 26 november 2022
DIALOGMÖTE MELLAN STOCKHOLMS STAD OCH BROMMAFÖRETAGARNA DEN 27 OKTOBER 2022. Många företagare hade slutit upp till Stockholms stads dialogmöte med informations- och idéutbyte. Vi fick...


onsdag, 29 mars 2023, 11:00 - 13:00
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